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Part Number: PVC-920

MSRP: $199.99

The SD10DAC standard definition SDI to Analog Composite, Y/C, or Component is a broadcast quality converter designed to demanding quality specifications and utilizing the finest components available. The SD10DAC is useful for video monitoring, dubbing and desktop video applications. The SD10DAC accepts 10 bit SDI video supporting NTSC/PAL video standards by automatically detecting the format of the SDI stream input format and outputs 10 bit analog video in YPbPr, RGB, Y/C or Composite video according to user selection. The SD10DAC includes an LED indicating the presence of a locked SDI signal. The equalizer is optimized for 270 Mb/sec with excellent return loss (>15dB). The deserializer converts 525 or 625 SDI (SMPTE 259M-C) with EDH (Error detection and handling), NRZI-to-NRZ decoding and descrambling. The video encoder features high quality 10 bit DAC’s with super sub-alias filters with extended luminance frequency response providing studio quality video playback in PAL or NTSC with or without pedestal.
Serial Input
   SMPTE 259M, SDI

SDI Cable Equalization

   350m of Belden 1694A cable (typical)

SDI Return Loss

   -28.75 dB @ 270 MHz
   (Exceeds SMPTE standard of -15dB)
Connector 75 Ω BNC


   YPbPr–SMPTE, RGB(3 BNC’s),
   Composite(CVBS) or Y/C

Frequency Response

   - Luminance
      0.091dB Pass-Band Ripple to 4.157 MHz
      0.15 dB Pass-Band Ripple to 4.74 MHz

  - Chroma

     0.084 dB Pass-Band Ripple to 1.395 MHz

Differential Gain 1%
Differential Phase 1°
Y/C Delay 7 nS max
D/A Converters 10 bit
Signal Path 10 bit
Delay (input to output) 1.3 uS
Output level adjustment
  +/- 20% (internal filter control)
Output Level matching
  1% or 10 mv
  (all outputs are separately buffered)


   - 5VDC - 110-220 50/60 Hz
   - Locking Power connector
   Enclosure – 4.185” L x 2.90” W x 1.0” H
Made with Industry Standard Gennum Chipsets


10 Bit end to end processing
4 - 10 bit Video encoding DAC’s
Automatic detection and switching to NTSC or PAL
User Selectable output to YPbPr, Betacam,
   SMPTE, RGB or simultaneous CVBS and Y/C
NTSC Pedestal (0 or 7.5 IRE)
SDI Signal present LED indicator
Color Bar test signal (SDI signal must be present)
4 position dip switch for user selectable settings
Rugged Aluminum and Steel enclosure
5 VDC (110-240 50/60 Hz) Locking Power Supply
Velcro mounting strips
5 year warranty


SD10DAC Video Encoder
5 VDC Power Supply with Locking Connector
Velcro Strips for easy mounting
2 each 4-40 standard rack mounting screws
User Guide

Part Number


Box Dimensions
10.5"W x 8.75"H x 3.25"D

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