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Turbo 1394b PCIe  




Buy the Pyro AV Turbo 1394b PCIe NOW:

Part Number: PVC-815

Price: $59.99



3 Port 1394b/Firewire 800 PCIe Card
The Turbo 1394b PCIe card offers you twice as much speed as 1394a cards and makes this the card of choice for high speed storage and video capture solutions.

More Efficient: 1394b reduces data delays on the bus and reduces signal distortion for increased throughput. Rely on Real Time Delivery - critical for audio and video applications where dropped or out of order frames are unacceptable.

Easier to Use: No matter how you connect 1394 devices together, they just work! You can daisy chain drives together connect 1394a devices to 1394b devices, really Plug and Play! Connect up to 63 devices and also create a peer to peer network with two Windows XP machines
Compatible with these AUDIO INTERFACE DEVICES.
Compatible with all versions of the following video editing applications*
 Adobe Premiere Elements
 Adobe Premiere Pro
 Apple iMovie, Final Cut Express, Final Cut Pro
 Arcsoft Showbiz
 Avid XpressDV
  Avid Media Composer
 In-Sync Speed Razor
 Magix Movie Edit Pro
 Pinnacle Liquid Edition
 Pinnacle Studio
 Roxio Video Wave
 Sony Vegas
 Ulead VideoStudio
 Ulead DVD MovieFactory

*Above applications not included


64 Bit PCIe card
33 MHz/64 Bit and 33 MHz/32 Bit PCIe Interface
PCIe Compliant
Fully backward compatible to 1394a
OHCI Compliant 1394b Host controller with support for 100 Mb/sec. (12.5 MB/sec), 200 Mb/sec. (25 MB/sec.), 400 Mb/sec. (50 MB/sec.) and 800 Mb/sec. (100 MB/sec.) data transfer speeds.
1394b Cable power: 12V, 9W max from PCI bus and optional 12V internal connector for power from PC power supply
Connect up to 63 devices, up to 16 devices daisy chained together in a single chain.
Made with Industry Standard Texas Instruments (TI) Chipsets

• 2-9 pin 1394b - Bilingual connectors
• 1-6 pin 1394a - Connector



Upgrade your PC or MAC to FireWire 800/1394b
Capture and Edit Digital Video

Transfer Data at Up to 800 Mbps with1394b
Two External 1394b Ports and One 1394a Port
True 64 Bit PCI Interface card
Meets RoHS Environmental Guidelines.
Three external 1394FireWire ports
Transfer data at 400 Mb/Sec.
Connect to Hard Drives, Printers, Scanners, Cameras and more
64 bit PCI compatible
RoHS Compliant



Mac or PC with available PCIe Slot
Microsoft Windows® 2000/XP/Server 2003/Vista/Windows 7
Mac OS X 10.4 or Higher
1 Available PCIe Slot


Turbo 1394b PCIe Card
Low Profile Bracket


Product Part#


Box dimensions:  
8"W 5"H 2"D

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